Monday, June 22, 2015

Possibly the 4 Most Important Years of Your Life

Two kids enter 9th grade. For the next 4 years they have perfect attendance. One graduates with a 4.0 GPA, the other with a 2.0.  They both go to college. The one, because of his good grades, gets a full scholarship. The other has to take out loans.  Both graduate and land identical jobs. But one has $300,000 in school loans to repay. Over the next 30 years. $1,700 a month. Every month. For 30 years. Fast forward 30 years. The one without school loans has been able to purchase several home, taking advantage of many tax breaks along the way.  The other has been living in a small rented home. At the age of 52 they are both now debt free, one has 10 years left to pay on his home, the other is looking to purchase his first home. What's the difference? Those 4 years in high school. Lives totally different all because of 4 years in high school. Still think good grades shouldn't be a priority?