Monday, May 14, 2012

Should we take the money and run?

My biggest barometer into how the stock market is doing is my Apple stock.  But over the past month or so, it's not been the only holding of mine that's down. "The market" itself is down about 100 points.  I don't see much reason for it at the moment, but I think it's a real good time to develop an exit strategy.  I wouldn't put it past this market to hit us with a 3-400 point one day drop and have everyone pooping bricks.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Should you leave stocks along?

Just read this article from USAToday, it talks about how people are turning away from stocks as investments after getting burned badly in 2008-2009.  Let's we honest, these people got burned because they weren't paying attention to their stocks. Yes, the stock market tanked in about 2 days back then, but there were more than enough warning signs. I got smacked a little and jumped out. When the be can or whup booty showed up, I was already on the sideline, and able to jump back in.

The moral is, you have to watch your investments every day, and keep your ears open.