Monday, September 20, 2010

The Recovery

Since my last post, I've done pretty well, actually more than doubled my gains. Still, I'm bearing on "the market" even if "my market" is doing great. Today the market stands about 10,700. I still think it will hit 10,000 before 11,000. Why? I just see this market as still pretty skiddish. I got rid of Freddie Mac (FMCC.OB) & Fannie Mae (FNMA.OBand they are still tanking. I still plan to jump back into them when they look like they're going to recover.

 A few months back, the markets went buck nutty because of the collapse of the Greek economy. While I still don't know why my stocks got hit because of it, there is a very good NPR podcast called Planet Money that explains exactly what mess Greece got itself into.

The problem I will have soon if this market keeps going like it is, is when do I get out?  Here's my holdings and current gains & losses.

AAPL 163.44%
AET -0.13%
AGP 34.75%
AIG -1.74%
AXP 219.72%
BP 0.39%
COF -0.23%
DIS 35.97%
EBAY 16.08%
F 194.85%
JBLU 2.44%
LF -5.06%
LVLT -19.69%
MA 30.99%
PG -6.61%
SBUX 30.60%
SIRI 1.74%
TJX -4.53%
TM -6.46%
XRX 53.03%

I'm approaching my alltime high in dollars  and will start paring down soon. Stay tuned...

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