Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blockbuster Busted...

Last week Blockbuster, after months (maybe years) of speculation, filed for bankruptcy protection. I had a buddy who managed a local branch and years ago he told me they'd spent some money to get into online streaming of movies, but after a year, decided to get out.  Basically, they didn't have a clue. So I bought the combustion engine to their horse and buggy: Netflix (NFLX). I think I used to own this stock a few years ago when it was about $40/share but I got out. It's now $155/share and I'm kicking myself. No worries, it's showing up on lots of other devises like XBox and iPad, so I think it's got some more legs in it.

Still keeping an eye on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and they're still selling for $.29 and $.30 a share.  Anyway, I'm doing pretty well. My prediction that the market would hit 10,000 before 11,000 was waaaayyy off.  My big winner today is Starbucks, it's up 4% because some analysts suddenly have "more confidence" in the company.  Last month they said they were raising prices.

Here's my current holdings and returns as of close today:

AAPL 178.72%
AET 1.67%
AGP 50.94%
AIG 12.10%
AXP 186.36%
BP 7.29%
COF 2.89%
DIS 34.65%
EBAY 16.12%
F 223.65%
JBLU 12.91%
LF 3.95%
LVLT -30.94%
MA 33.89%
NFLX 0.35%
PG -5.67%
SBUX 35.70%
SIRI 17.39%
TJX -0.22%
TM -8.81%
XRX 65.24%

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