Monday, January 31, 2011

Missed Opportunity

Friday sucked. I got my butt kicked good by the market, and I realized that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae both had doubled from about $.30/share to $.60/share over the last few weeks. Unfortunately, I don't have free cash flow to take advantage of them. I covered investing for non-investors in my podcast over the weekend.  Felt good to talk about something positive.

Anyway, tasting the can of whup @$$ that was Friday and not panicking made me feel good. Today the market was up a bit, not nearly as bad as it was down Friday, but up is still up.  I feel like I just need to sit tight and I should be back where I was within a few weeks. Maybe even days. There's some serious upheaval in Egypt right now, and as is the norm, flatulence anywhere in the world is enough reason for all the investment pundits to predict that there will be a massive stink in the US market. Weeee....

1 comment:

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