Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Media Bay is up over 300% in 2 days

Media Bay (MBAY.PK) is up another 72% yesterday, after rising 262% on Friday. It now sells for $.005, I think that's half a cent. Yes, you could have made a killing on it if you owned it last Wednesday, but who'da thunk? Palm, Inc. (PALM) is down 12% today, their head of WebOS resigned (http://www.reuters.com/article/idCAN1921180920100419?rpc=44) and it looks like they may not get sold as quickly as they'd hoped. I'll keep an eye on them. My gut says someone will buy them, but they're waiting for the price to drop some more. The company is worth about half what it was 4 months ago, and their cell phones aren't selling to well. Even though the market was up today, a lot of the stocks I watch are down.
Over the weekend I saw a documentary about the Bernie Madoff scandal. It made me think that if anyone thinks my research methodology is weak, what the heck were people with millions of dollars doing? Not just investors, mutual fund managers! The "experts".

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