Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Portfolio Update

Last month I jumped into a few stocks, let's see how they're doing:
Delta (DAL) - very nice, up 11% as of today
Netflix (NFLX) - up 6% but all of that is pretty much from today.
Whole Foods (WFM) - down 1%
Facebook (FB) - down 12%
I looked at Nokia (NOK) but didn't pull that trigger. Good thing, it's down from $3.80 to $3.20 in the last month.

I'm pretty much in a holding pattern with everything except Facebook. Back when it IPO'd I predicted to myself it was going to be a $4 stock in 3 years.  I'm starting to believe it. In the last 9 months they've gone from the 40s to the teens to the 30s now in the 20s. So many analysts have painted rosy picture of the "genius that is Zuck". Not saying he's not a smart guy, but I've always felt FB was more lucky than good. Lucky that Myspace was horrible.

Anyway, I don't own much, but I'm about to get rid of the few shares I have. It's currently at $25.12 and I see $20.00 before $30.00.

I'm going to keep my eye on Carnival Cruise Line(CCL). Sure, they're having trouble keeping their ships working. Not making light of some really horrific situations, but a wounded stock is sometimes a good investment.


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