Friday, February 15, 2013

Down day in the market - looking for bargains

As I write this, the Dow is down .5%, and when it's sneezes, many stocks get colds. So far my dump Blackberry strategy is holding, they're down another 5% today. Time to put my eye on some that got hit and some who defy the market.

Ruth's Hospitality Group Inc. (RUTH) - up 5% today, looks like "due to a 4Q that beat expectations". They're showing an overall increase the past 2 years, but there's some drops in there too.  But the restaurant industry is kinda fickle in my book. Will keep an eye on them.


 - this up 7% today, but their graph looks like they're trying not to go out of business. I think this gain is a fluke. No news announced other than some federal filings.  Heck, I couldn't even figure out what they do.

NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) - down 2%, which isn't a surprise, their 1 year chart looks like a snow-capped mountain range outline.  The Motley Fool wrote an interesting article about them, but I put absolutely not faith in the Fool. Not saying I think their lying, but I used to follow their recommendations and I didn't like the results. The article is long and has lot's of computerese, seems like they're saying NVIDIA is turning a corner. Maybe, I'll just keep watching.

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