Thursday, February 7, 2013

5 Stocks I'm Watching

Here are 5 stocks I'm going to buy and why....

Delta (DAL)- Delta is up about 50% since September. Really quiet too. Over the last 5 years they haven't been too much higher than that, but I'm thinking as the economy continues to improve they might be able to ride that wave. This is a SWAG if ever their was one, but on a day like today when just about everything I'm watching is down, they're up 2%.

Nokia (NOK)- this company seems to finally be getting their act together too.  They had a strong 4Q and according to this article, they're ready to pop. At $4/share, they're back to where they were a year ago, but their historic high is in the $60 range. People still know the name so I doubt they're going out of business anytime soon.  If things go well, this could be a smoker....

Blackberry (BBRY)- Just rolled out a new phone. Finally.  A day late and a dollar short would be an understatement. Blackberry, formerly known as RIMM, ignored iPhones and Androids for the last 7 years and not only got their clocks cleaned, their watches, walls and minor children are also sparkling and springtime fresh.  Even though the reviews haven't been stellar, the phones are sold out in some areas.  Granted, maybe they only shipped 25 to some of those areas. Anyway, it remains to be seen if they can successfully un clusterscrew their business model. Nothing will really be known until the next quarterly earnings report.  Between now and then, I think the stock will move up on hope alone.  I don't see this as a long term play, unless they really blow the cover off everyone's expectations.

Facebook (FB)- Like I said last week, they've turned the corner now, the rose colored glasses have been taken off.  What we're seeing now is what people really feel like it's worth. I have no faith in Zuckerberg, and I suspect sooner than later he will put a grown up in charge.

Netflix (NFLX)- Yeah, I missed the 70% increase around January 25. Looks like the postal delivery cutbacks might help them, according to this article.  The math is weird, but it does kinda make sense. After getting burned by Starz a few years back, they're getting into producing their own content. On a separate note, my local Blockbuster, one of a few still open, is closing. Looks like Netflix won....

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